Virtual prototyping adapted to your needs

Reduce your time to market virtual platform

Why Antfield virtual platforms?

virtual platform

Sometimes, you just don't have the real thing

Too expensive? Not yet available? Use our VP to develop and test your software!

virtual platform

Easier to deploy, setup and use

Tired of plugging, unplugging, overwriting and reprogramming the board?

  • Just hit Enter and run everything in your virtual environment
  • Bugs? Pause the VP and observe the system state
virtual platform

IoT ready

Need to test large-scale applications running on dozens of devices?

  • Run multiple instances of the virtual platform and scale-up in one click
  • Connect the instances through a virtual network
virtual platform

What can we do for you?

Have a SoC, don't have the VP? Contact us!

Create a VP from scratch

Create a VP from your specifications

Integrate existing models

Develop and/or integrate existing IP models in a VP


Provide co-simulation solutions with other environments

And more

And more! Get in touch so we can talk about it.

Give it a try!

Raspberry Pi 2 VP Demo

live demo

Interactive boot&play demo

Try Pi 2 VP directly inside your web browser!

Try it
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Docker image

Pull our docker image on your computer and get ready!

Coming soon
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Debian & Ubuntu packages

Add our repository to your package sources and install the demo from your package manager.

Coming soon
from source

From source

Clone and compile the sources, that's the spirit!

Coming soon

About us

Antfield provides cutting-edge solutions around virtual platforms of Systems on Chips (SoC). We propose tailored virtual platforms that fit our clients requirements, develop on-demand simulation models for components and provide co-simulation solutions with other environments.

Our dedicated technology, Rabbits, is based on several years of research conducted in the TIMA lab (Grenoble, France) since 2009. Rabbits is a fast and flexible simulation framework that uses SystemC to model components and QEMU to simulate platform CPUs. We have a close relationship with the research community and keep developing Rabbits to maintain its cutting-edge simulation capabilities.

We believe in open-source software and maintain a community edition of Rabbits. We also propose full proprietary solutions to our clients.

Meet the team

Clément Deschamps

Clément Deschamps LinkedIn link

CEO & co-founder

Clément received his MSc degree in computer engineering at the Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble) in 2009. He worked for 3 years at Inria on Virtual Machines, before joining the TIMA lab as a research engineer. In 2016 he co-founded Antfield with Luc, transfering the Rabbits technology from the TIMA lab. His research interests include operating systems and virtualization.

Luc Michel

Luc Michel LinkedIn link

CTO & co-founder

Luc obtained his PhD in 2014 from Grenoble Université, where he focused on fast simulation of VLIW processor and on automatic generation of CPU simulation models from architectural descriptions. He is an expert in CPU simulation technologies including dynamic binary translation.

Frédéric Pétrot

Frédéric Pétrot LinkedIn link

Scientific Advisor

Frédéric is a CAD veteran cumulating 20+ years of research experience on simulation tools for electronic system level design. As Scientific Advisor, he helps Antfield stay on the state of the art of virtual prototyping technology. Frédéric holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and is currently deputy director of the TIMA lab.

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